The Spiral

This was the team’s first project. A memorable evening was spent outside Bab’s caravan coming up with ideas and watching James’ video of his junk house which he built for his final year fine art project. The spiral might be said to be inspired by nature being based on the fibonacci sequence, an ever increasing spiral.
We built the structure over 3 days at The Big Green Gathering festival near Cheddar. Most of the structure was built with materials found on the site and in some local scrap yards. In addition, Ben’s mum provided some red and blue waxed canvas and we harvested some bamboo and hazel poles from Wales and collected cans and tetra packs from the CAT restaurant.
The Spiral turned into a lovely space for impromptu music and poetry preformances, for children to play in, and for drinking chai from the bubbling cauldron in the centre.

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