Tetrapak Tunnels

In the summer of 2008, recycled venues experimented with tetrapaks as a building material. Because they are designed to retain water, drinks cartons are wonderfully water proof. They are also lightweight and flexible, making them a fun material to make shelter with.

We built a tetrapak dome (‘the blamange’) at Glastonbury Festival, and a tunnel at Shoreditch Festival.

At the time, tetrapaks were not widely recyclable, but since then the company has put a lot of work into saving tetrapaks from landfill, and in many boroughs in the UK they now collect them from your home. However, what they do with them after that is a bit of a mystery…pulped and reprocessed into building boards – but where can we buy these boards and at what cost?

2 thoughts on “Tetrapak Tunnels

  1. Hi

    I am working with a social enterprise in Vauxhall and we are looking to create a meeting/workspace within a warehouse space.

    I wondered if it was worth running the project by you?

    Best regards


  2. Hello,

    I hope you will take few minutes to reply to my message. I have seen your idea in a restaurant in Brazil. There the rain is heavy and it was used inside the restaurant and not outside. How do you stick empty boxes together? sewing machine? a type of glue?


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