Click on the links below to explore some of our recent projects.

The Junkboat
Our most ambitious project, the Junkboat was a completely renewably powered venue, made with douglas fir frames and clad in waste and found materials. She toured 3 festivals in the summer of 2007, showing how a low impact lifestyle is not only possible, but also fun and beautiful.

The CD Fish
Giant fish made out of many thousand waste compact disks for Greenpeace Field, Glastonbury 2011.



The Grove
A forest of lashed bamboo canopies for Greenpeace at Glastonbury 2010.




Pin Wall
Horrified by the number of waste nitrous oxide canisters that lie discarded on the grass at the end of festivals, we decided to make us of them for an interactive sculpture. Glastonbury 2009.



Tetrapak Tunnels
Because they are designed to retain water, drinks cartons are wonderfully water proof. They are also lightweight and flexible, making them a fun material to make shelter with. Glastonbury and Shoreditch festivals, 2008


Recycled School
Through a series of workshops, children from years 2 and 6 came up with ideas of how to make a roof and walls out of waste materials they collected from home. We helped them make it a reality and installed the play house in their playground.


The Spiral
Recycled Venues’ first project, the spiral was conceived through a collaborative design process within the team, and was built it 3 days from entirely found materials.