Recycled Venues creates fish out of CDs at Glastonbury 2011

For Glastonbury 2011, the team decided to focus on all things fishy, as the Greenpeace field at Glastonbury focussed on their sea campaign to end our unsustainable fishing policies, and to launch their new Rainbow Warrior ship. We collected 10,000 CD’s from a CD recycling company Viridor, and created a giant fish that revellers could swim through or circle, bedazzled by the shiny rainbows…

For more info on Greenpeace’s fish fight click here

Prince Charles gives Recycled Venues’ creation a right royal approval

Prince charles visits greenpeace field at glastonbury

In 2010 the recycled venues collective regrouped in the Greenpeace field at Glastonbury to create The Grove: a jungle of giant vines, root structures and leaves, supporting rope hammocks, swings and bright coloured flowers, complete with rainforest sounds and glow in the dark tropical creatures… all to raise awareness of the threats facing our worlds forests and to help the greanpeace campaign.

For more info on greenpeace campaign click here

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