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The table on the marsh – Designed and built by recycled venues members Tabitha and Giles, and commissioned by artist Alex Parry this public dining table on Walthamstow Marsh invites people to dine in the semi wilderness of this beautiful marshland just North of the Olympic site.

Table on the marsh

A theatre in London made entirely out of junk! – Led by artist Martin Kaltwasser and produced by the Red Room, this theatre was made entirely by volunteers. Tabitha from recycled venues went down to help them out…

Union Street Urban Orchard – A beautiful temporary use for a vacant piece of land in the heart of the big smelly capital…



Transition culture – A wonderful site by permaculture specialist Rob Hopkins. The site is packed with interesting and current articles on sustainable living.

babs 2 brisbane – The diary of Barbara Hadrill as she takes a low carbon overland journey to a friends wedding in Australia, rather than hopping on a plane.

Schnews – Weekly journal about direct action and the fight for a true justice

UK watch– Daily review of radical comment and analysis



Centre for Alternative Technology – CAT is a source of technological research and advice on sustainable living, and a hub for the rv team.

Blooming Futures – Everything you need to know about converting your vehicle to run on plant oil + other stuff

Keveral Farm – A thriving organic farm and community near Looe, Cornwall

Radical Routes – A network of radical co-ops whose members are committed to working for positive social change



The Hampstead & Highgate Express have written a piece about the recycled school & it’s contribution to Eleanor Palmer school winning the area’s green school award.

Rob Hopkins review of the Junk Boat at the Big Green Gathering Festival

Review of the Junk Boat at Shambala Festival in the Northampton Chronicle & Echo



Gallery 491 A community art group in Leytonstone

Art not Oil The group are promoting artistic projects which stand for creativity, climate justice and an end to oil industry sponsorship of the arts

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Would it be possible to have permission to use the photo of the Table on the Marsh on to advertise a Midsummer Picnic to be held there on Fri 21st June 2013. The picnic is an action to reclaim safe public space for women and girls and is organised by Waltham Forest Rising, a grass roots organisation to combat violence against women and girls in our borough. I am also emailing Alexandra Parry about this.
    Many Thanks Silvana Gambini (on behalf of Waltham Forest Rising)

  2. Hi there

    I’m an Assistant Producer at Plum Pictures, an award-winning independent television production company based in London. We specialize in presenter-lead factual television and currently produce a popular prime-time programme called George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces for Channel 4. The show looks at micro-architecture and the people who are following their dreams to build it. Each episode covers a vast and varied amount of spaces from tiny campervans, shipping container dwellings to high-tech multifunctional pads.

    I’m looking to find someone who has created a home or useable space from recycled materials and wondered if you would be able to help at all?

    Many thanks


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